Wednesday, January 25, 2012

this year has had a great start and i feel genuinely happy right now. i hope the same for everyone else

something that's been buzzing around is december 2012. the world won't end this year, but it makes me wonder, if it really were to, could i say i am satisfied and content with my life? and what can i do now til then to live to the fullest and best.. it's something that's been on my mind and it makes me work harder and want to create more and be present and enjoy my time with people that make me happy.

on that note, i am so thankful for people i've met because of creating art. they've been so encouraging and inspiring...


an update on some more prints available...

i will have prints of these:

9" x 12" 

9" x 9"

they will be available this weekend at the lovely Flock Shop in Chinatown (or you could contact me if you're not local if you do head down there this weekend, there will be Chinese New Year celebrations and festivities; food trucks, cupcake wars, vendors, workshops and more.

you could also get these:

k & a store right by flock shop ;)

i love L.A.



my spread in Blue Canvas magazine issue 11...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh it's been a while since i posted on this blog.. here's goes an update~

The past few days I've been working on the piece above, which is still a work in progress, but it will be finished by tomorrow and will be up at the Blue Canvas event this thursday for the Downtown L.A. Artwalk. Blue Canvas has also kindly featured me as one of the artists for their 11th issue which will be launched at this event. There are some fine artists on the list showing at this event so check it out if you're going to join the art party thursday

In other news, I have a print of one of my older pieces now available for purchase at Nucleus Gallery:

I've loved Gallery Nucleus since its beginning as it hosts lovely events, exhibits beautiful art, and has great books, magazines, prints and toys.

Okay, back to painting furiously now. I'll post finished work soon

Happy 2012!