Monday, March 2, 2009

class: illustration for publishing
term: 5.5
summer 08

this was a series of illustrations on a childhood memory. in my elementary school days, we lived in glendale on a little street where there were lots of kids and a small park a couple blocks away. one of the best times of my life. played mini softball in front yards, barbie convertibles, peach pie in the summer, pink and white roller skates, sidewalk chalk, sonic the hedgehog, gex, dressing up cats and kittens, monster dogs, mysterious houses, log cabins, walking to the liquour store that gave us old magazines for free, bubble tape, rainbow brite, summer crushes, pinatas.. lots of memories. this series started because of a neighbor's clubhouse they had in their backyard. i've always wanted a treehouse but we never got one. my dad worked a job in wholesale so we always had a bunch of cardboard boxes in the garage that we played with. it's funny how expansive a child's imagination can go..


Nick Iluzada said...

these are rather awesome

A Musical Fetus said...

these are wonderful linda! is that a my little pony?

lindak said...


it is indeed my little pony, with a stylish new haircut