Thursday, March 22, 2012

a little update..

this piece is now available at The Working Proof. Part of the purchase will go to the Pablove Foundation where they work with providing research and aid to childhood cancer. i felt this pairing fit with the piece because children have a great vivacity for the world around them and to them, they see infinite possibilities and no boundaries. in that sense, i would love to see a child develop more of that curiosity for life and contribute a brightness to his or her loved ones...

Beneath The Trees

this image will be a new print that will be available at The Working Proof sometime in the coming months. Anna from The Working Proof has been wonderful to work with and the online store itself is full of beautiful prints where part of the proceeds go to different charities of the artists' choice.


a little contemplative note...

it's strange how things work sometimes.. in terms of timing, challenges, opportunities and people that come our way. i think things happen for a reason; we create those reasons to fit into our lives in some meaningful way. regardless, time keeps moving on with or without me and i just gotta make the best of what i have now.. despite what i fear may or may not happen in the future and regardless of choices made in the past. i really try to keep things as simple as possible, but oftentimes things gets complicated. i guess that's a test of how capable i am in getting through those times and how i decide to go about untangling those complications and getting back to simplicity.


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Blaze said...

You have very lovely artwork! I love your use of color and geometric shapes! :)